1. Will the Universal Ski Carrier fit my skis?

The Universal Ski Carrier from Skiwizz is designed to fit all modern skis, no matter what make or size. So long as your skis have brakes (standard with >99% of all ski's) then there should be no issue. If in doubt, contact Skiwizz by sending us an email to simon@skiwizz.com and we will be happy to advise.

The Skiwizz Carrier solves the problem of sore shoulders:

2. Is it quick and easy to use?

Yes, Skiwizz has patented a quick and easy solution: Every Universal Ski Carrier is fitted with a climber's clip, called a Carabiner clip. Simply rest your skis upright so that the brakes are interlocked (see graphic) then attach the carabiner to one of the brakes. That's all there is to it - you're ready to go. "Click and Go!"

Skiwizz - Click and Go! from Simon hill on Vimeo.






3. Does it work for different sized people?

Good news - "one size fits all". The carabiner clip can be moved between 3 different positions depending on your height: Tall, medium and short. This is fine for tall adults down to children aged 11+ years old. Simply choose the setting that enables the carabiner clip to hang next to your hip.







4. Is the Universal Ski Carrier comfortable to use?

The Universal Ski Carrier is fitted with an advanced, soft touch neoprene strapping. This creates a padding that actively spreads the load, stretching over your shoulder in use. It transforms the experience of carrying your skis, keeping them in a safe upright position. The neoprene padding has been engineered for optimum comfort without being too bulky to store when not in use.


5. What do I do with the product when I am not using it?

On the slopes, you can roll up the Skiwizz into a compact spiral and simply store it inside your ski jacket. Ready to be used next time you need to carry your skis.

6. What are your shipping rates?
Shipping is free when you order 2 or more Skiwizz Ski Carriers!
Here are the rates for single or express orders:

        Standard Shipping Europe             5 EUR
        Standard Shipping Worldwide       10 EUR
        Express Shipping Worldwide         25 EUR