About Us

In 2012, we were skiing in Switzerland with our children in the beautiful ski resorts of Zermatt and Saas Fee. Everyone who knows these beautiful places will probably remember trekking up the steps between train & lift rides. Walking back and forth from the hotel just adds to the pain of carrying your own skis.

In short, we felt that "some of our happiest moments were on skis - but life was not much fun when we were carrying them!"

We were inspired to solve the problem and designed a ski carrier that is - in our humble opinion - better than all the rest. Our DIY prototypes worked brilliantly and so we patented our invention and launched the brand called Skiwizz. 

  • Based in Switzerland - we ship worldwide & process orders same day
  • Our first product is the popular Universal Ski Carrier
  • Sold online and in over 25 retail stores across Europe
  • Established in 2012
  • Our mission "The best ski days start & end with Skiwizz"

We welcome feedback! You can contact us at Simon@skiwizz.com or let's be friends! Like our Facebook page (click on the 'Like button' to receive news).

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Thank you for visiting our website - have a great Ski Season.